RETROFEELIA loose shirt


Imagine a flowing, oversized shirt crafted from our lightweight viscose fabric, with a relaxed fit that
drapes effortlessly on any body type. Its length is generous, extending just over the knees, allowing it
to double as a dress when paired with a pair of shorts or worn alone for a casual, gender-neutral look.
The shirt also features a pair of side pockets that makes it even more cool to wear.

*The RETROFEELIA Print Inspiration*
This fuchsia, retro-inspired print combining elements from “My Little Pony”, mixed tapes, blanco
correctors etc., undoubtfully evokes a nostalgic and playful feeling. The charm of the ’80s and ’90s is
clearly depicted in this intense and bright pink print that brings vibrancy and energy to your
summer wardrobe. Combine two pieces together in a total “Retrofeelia” print look to create a bold
and eye-catching image, perfect for the beach setting!

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